Thereping The Thereping - An Experimental Musical Instrument
by Vern Graner
Discussion, videos & code updates at the Thereping Yahoo Group!

The “Thereping” is a digital musical instrument that plays sounds based on a combination of the position of your hand and some pushbutton switches. It uses a combination of a sonar sensor and a microcontroller to allow the user to play interesting melodies without requiring any musical skills. When joined together with a “Thereclock” sync unit, multiple Therepings can all play together and create interesting music, again without requiring any musical expertise on the part of the players. The Thereping borrows concepts from the Theremin as well as some features from the Bagpipes.

This site will act as a repository for information about the Thereping and the Thereclock project that was detailed in the Nuts and Volts article. The site is being developed right now, but feel from to contact me at if you have any questions.

03-15-2006 Document My article was published in the April 2006 Nuts and Volts!
03-15-2006 Video Clip Geek Entertainment TeleVision recorded the SXSW EFF/Creative Commons party featuring the therepings in this video
12-29-2005 Video The first Thereping Rehersal Dec 29, 2005
Windows Media Low res (~2.5m)
1-17-2005 Document Hi resolution Schematic for the Thereping and the Thereclock devices
1-03-2005 Pictures Pictures from the 2005 First Night Austin show
11-20-2005 How To Source Code for Thereping and Thereclock
11-14-2005 Web Link The Robot Group web site in Austin Texas
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